Adoption Lawyer Singapore


Some cases of adoption can be simple but some of them are very complex and would require you to contact the specialist Adoption lawyer Singapore. Hiring a professional in the field can make the entire process of child adoption and child custody quite easier.

Things to expect from adoption lawyer Singapore:

Here are some of the benefits of hiring an Adoption lawyer Singapore:

Adoption lawyer Singapore

Adoption process would be easier:

With the help of a professional lawyer, you can make the entire process of adoption easier. He/she can help you with the ways you can make a new child a part of your family. Having knowledge about all the possibilities of adopting the child would make the process easier.

Legalities would be handled:

By hiring the adopting lawyer Singapore, you can be sure that you won’t have to face any legal issues as a result of the adoption. Your lawyer would make sure that all paperwork is complete and you and your adopted child can enjoy a great peaceful life together.

Speeding up of the process:

The usual time for adopting a child is one year from the time you fill up the documentation. Hiring a professional lawyer can help in setting up productive meetings with the officials and submitting the applications with all required documents. This would ensure that it won’t take more than the required time to find your adopted child and you can become a parent soon.

Saves you from a lot of hassle:

If you don’t choose to hire a lawyer, you can represent yourself in court, but that has another list of requirements that you would be expected to fulfill. So getting help from the adoption lawyer Singapore, you can save your time, energy, and effort for your newly adopted child and let the lawyer handle everything.

Looking for affordable adoption lawyer? Adoption is a process where person(s) obtains parental and legal rights over a child in place of the natural parents. We understand that adopting parents want to make sure that the whole adoption process proceeds seamlessly and without a hitch. We are here to ensure that. We have done more than 500 adoptions over the last 20 years. You may want to approach our singapore family lawyer regards this process. Please call us at 68370259 or email us your details and we will call back.


The Process involves preparing various documents for filing to be done by us; and home interviews with Officers from Adoption Department at the Ministry of Social and Family Development and Youth. It takes about a year from the time of filing till the end. Click here for more details.