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Can I get maintenance from my husband? My spouse has stopped giving me money – what should I do? If I divorce, can I get maintenance for my children?


Spousal Maintenance

If you are a housewife who has always received monthly maintenance from your spouse, it can be daunting and stressful when your husband suddenly decides to stop providing you maintenance and threatens divorce proceedings against you. If you need the right advice on how to overcome this, please call us immediately and our specialists will be able to tell you what to do next.

Children’s maintenance

Maintenance for your child is an equally important topic when it comes to divorce. Your lawyers should advise you on what is the reasonable amount of maintenance you should be expecting – this is done through analysing your family’s monthly income and reasonable expenses.Our divorce specialists are well versed in issues relating to maintenance, and will be able to give you a realistic and frank estimation so that you know what to expect and to fight for. Click here for more details.

My spouse left me and my children. He had not paid me a single cent. There is no divorce yet.

Maintenance during marriage

For Wife/Children

If you are a housewife and you do not have any income whatsoever and relied on your spouse throughout the marriage. We understand that it is very scary when the spouse decides to one day leave and not give a single cent. We can advise and show what needs to be done urgently so that you and your children do not suffer. Under the Women’s Charter 353, it is clear that the spouse must provide for and maintain a wife and child. You may want to speak with our Family Law Specialist on whether you are eligible to request for maintenance from your spouse for yourself and your child as there are various factors that needs to be shown.

For Husband

If you are a husband who was earning well previously but because of some illness or accident or injuries, you are incapacitated. You may also seek maintenance from a working spouse (wife). It is allowed under the law and you can always approach us for a free consult at 68370259 on whether you are eligible.

We have myriad of experiences in all these areas of practice. We have successfully applied for and obtained best outcomes for our client.