Estate Lawyer Singapore


Hiring an estate lawyer Singapore is not one of the scenarios that you could be looking forward to. But unfortunately, this is the scenario that you have to handle, and you can’t handle it alone. You need an expert or an authorized individual to handle the situation and to divide the assets of the deceased based on the rights of the descendants.

Estate Lawyer Singapore

What are the main tasks of an estate lawyer Singapore?

The estate lawyer would help you in dealing with all the issues concerning the estate of the deceased. Here are some main activities covered under the services provided in this particular domain.

1. Initiation of the process of the letter of administration:

The estate lawyer would initiate the process by applying for a letter of administration on your behalf. The application requires filling up of a few forms and providing the supporting documents, which isn’t very hectic technically but you might not find the courage to do so after being emotionally exhausted after the death of your loved one.

This could also be technical depending on the existence of Will or testament from the deceased. In the absence of the Will, a letter of probate and administration can be requested, but when the Will is present, then the letter of probate is required.

2. Assistance in legal matters:

Not every transfer of the property and estate of the deceased is very smooth. There can be legal issues involved if the property has already been disputed or if the heirs have some problem with the distribution. In all such cases, the estate lawyer Singapore can assist and help you resolve the issues. Besides, the legality of the actions taken now and their impact on the future would be amongst a few things that the estate lawyer can sort out.

3. Filing documents in the probate court:

Taking over the assets and assessing the actual value of the assets of the deceased are not the only tasks that are performed by the lawyer. He/she also manages to make a report of the current status of these assets and submit it to the probate court on time. Furthermore, compliance with the court orders is also the duty that the probate lawyer performs on your behalf.

Why should you hire a probate lawyer?

You can do all these activities on your own rather than hiring a will probate lawyer , But you must have a bit understanding of the administrative procedures and laws so that you can cover the formalities as demanded by law.

In addition, the situation where there is no chance of dispute in the estate, doing everything, yourself could be an option, but in the case of conflicts, hiring a professional should be preferred.

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