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How To Write A Legal Will In Singapore?

Are you planning to write a legal will in Singapore?

Well, your best option is to find a law firm for wills or find a will lawyer in Singapore to help you write a will in accordance with Singapore laws. However, if you want to write it yourself, you can certainly do so. But, writing a legal will that fulfills all the legal requirements can be a daunting task and you must, however, consult a law firm for wills or will lawyer Singapore to make sure it is correct.

Here is a brief guide to help you write a legal will….

What is a will?

Before writing a will, you need to understand what is will and what is its purpose.

A will is basically a legal document or testament to express your wish and desire as to how you want your estate and property to be distributed among your loved ones after your demise. If your children are minor, you can also appoint a guardian in your will who can take care of your property until your kids are legally adult.

What Are the Requirements for writing a Legal Will in Singapore?

As will is a legal document so there are some legal requirements to write it. Let’s find out what they are:

  • First of all, you must be at least 21 years old. If your age is below 21 years, you are not legally allowed to write a will in Singapore.
  • It should be in written form.
  • There must be your signature at the bottom of the document.
  • There must be 2 witnesses present at the time of you signing the will. And they should also sign the document in your and other witness’s presence.
  • The 2 witnesses shall not be in any case the beneficiary or related to the named beneficiary of your will.

If any of the above clauses are not clear to you, you can consult our Will Lawyer Singapore.

Who Can be a witness to your will?

Now that you know the requirements to write a will, it’s time to know who can be witness to your will.

  • The witnesses must be mentally capable and must be present at the time of signing and must be able to see you signing the will.
  • Witnesses must be an adult that is they must be 21 years and above.
  • Both witnesses must be present at the time of will signing and must sign in each other’s presence.
  • The witnesses cannot be your spouse or heirs of the will.

What to include in your Will?

Just as there are some requirements for the will to be valid and legal in Singapore, there are also some clauses that you must include in your will. Below, we have mentioned them.

  • If you have any previous will, you must include a revocation clause. It will nullify the previous will.
  • You must list down all your assets. However, if you have a joint bank account in Singapore or a shared property, it should not be included in the will.
  • Next, you should include a list of all the liabilities (if any) in your will. So that, the executor or your Will lawyer Singapore knows how much he has to pay before executing your will.
  • List down the names of beneficiaries.
  • If there is any minor beneficiary, you must include their guardian’s name.
  • Clearly mention how your assets must be distributed. Mention portion or percentage for each beneficiary.
  • Mention who is the executor of your will. It can be a lawyer or any person you know. You can also nominate a beneficiary as the executor of your will.
  • If you have a lawyer involved, they must also be mentioned in the will.
  • Lastly, you must also include a residuary clause. A residuary is referred to when any of the beneficiaries passes away before you or you have some assets left after the distribution. It mentions what should be done with the remaining assets.

Where you should keep your Will?

A will is a private document and you must keep somewhere private and safe. It should not be in reach of anyone else (except the executor) and don’t forget to inform the executor about the location of your will.

Why You Should Consult a Law Firm for Wills?

Will is a legal document and has many requirements. And if any one of them is not met, your Will can be contested. Therefore, you must consult a law firm for wills or a will lawyer Singapore to:

  • Proofread your will.
  • Take advice on how your assets should be distributed among the beneficiaries.
  • Make sure it is fulfilling all the requirements and is legally valid.
  • Make sure there isn’t anything left that might cause complications later when it is executed.

That’s all from us. If you are looking for a law firm for will or a will lawyer Singapore, feel free to contact us. At D Rani & Company, our experienced and competent lawyers can are available to answer your queries and they will also help you in writing a legally valid will.