Family Lawyer


Family lawyers are often considered when one is looking for divorce lawyers. However, their area of expertise is larger than just dealing with divorce issues. No doubt, divorce issues are complex and divorce and related issues are the main workload of most family lawyers in Singapore.

But, do you know there are other issues that you can take up to a family law firm Singapore?

Yes, child custody, estate and wills, assets distribution, and legal advice are some of the areas in which a family lawyer Singapore can help you. if you want to know more about family lawyer Singapore, below we have explained what a family lawyer can do for you.

1. Help With Divorce Issues

Filing for a divorce in Singapore is not as simple as it may seem to you. There are several intricacies and legalities that are associated with it and only a well-experienced family lawyer can understand and explain them. The legislation in Singapore only allows you to file for a divorce under certain grounds and if you fail to prove them you cannot file for a divorce or you will fail in your application to obtain a Divorce. The process is even complex if you are an expat living in Singapore or married to a Singapore Citizen.

A family lawyer will legally guide you if you can file a divorce case under given circumstances and will also help you in the division of assets and child custody.

2. Help With Distribution of Assets

Unlike American law, Singapore law does not state a fixed proportion of matrimonial assets division during a divorce. Instead, it considers other factors like the duration of the marriage, your contribution, and the volume of assets. So, if you are filing for divorce and you have some matrimonial assets, you must consult a family lawyer. He will guide you, under given circumstances, what you are entitled to and how you should proceed with your case.

In most circumstances, you may think giving in to the other party’s demands is alright and saves the time and money BUT all decisions will have consequences which you may not understand immediately. It is not possible to rectify the wrong at a later date in some instances.

3. Child Custody Case

Sometimes divorce gets messy and people often end up filing for child custody cases. However, your lack of knowledge can harm you more in child custody cases. Family lawyers possess all the legal knowledge to help you gain your child’s custody. They can even help you settle and child custody agreement that is agreed by both parents and is in favour of your child. You can also consult a family law firm Singapore if you need amendments to the child custody agreement.

4. Estate And Wills Case

If you have estate (assets like a house, jewellery, car) and you don’t know what will happen to it after your demise, you need a family lawyer. A family lawyer Singapore will guide you on what will happen to your estate and property if you pass without a will. And you choose to write a will, they help you in writing one and will make sure that your assets are distributed according to it after your demise.

You can also contact a family law firm Singapore if your loved one has passed without a will and you need guidance on the division of assets.

5. Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are not generally accepted widely in Singapore law especially if it contradicts with the women's charter of Singapore law. The Prenuptial agreement is however referred to in the Court to establish the intention of the parties at the time of marriage.

Therefore, if you have a prenuptial agreement you want to write a prenuptial agreement, it is better to consult a family lawyer who understand the intricacies of women's charter and can guide you according to your best interests.

6. Child Adoption

Child adoption is a complex process and there is a lot that needs to be done before filing for child adoption in the family court. From meeting the child adoption requirements to filing for adoption, there is a lot that needs to be done in between. So, if you want to avoid the stress and complexities of child adoption, consult a family law firm Singapore. They will guide you through the difficult process and will help you with the excessive paperwork.

7. They Can Act As A Mediator

Sometimes, resolving a matter out of the court is in the interest of both parties. And for that, you can hire a family lawyer who will save you time, money, and emotional stress. A family lawyer will act as a mediator between both parties and will come up with a solution that is in the interest of both parties.

8. Help You With Difficult Family Decisions

When it comes to family issues, the emotions are high which often tend to come in way of your decision-making. Lawyers at family law firm Singapore have a thorough knowledge of legal matters and they will give you satisfactory legal advice which is in your best interest.

We hope our guide has helped clear your doubt regarding family lawyer Singapore. If you have any family matters for which you need advice, feel free to contact us. Our experienced family lawyers at D Rani & Company will provide you timely and professional legal aid.